Fatherhood and the Future

It’s been months since I’ve written anything. Why, you may ask? Well, I’m not a pastor anymore. By technicality’s sake, I never actually “was,” in the sense that I was never ordained. I have become a father and my beautiful little girl Saki Rebekah Smith will be 3 months old next Thursday, July 5.

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Guns, Gun Control, and America

My eyes, and, honestly, my mind, have grown so weary over this past week. I’ve been hearing about calls from the left over “gun control” and companies such as Delta dropping their partnership with the NRA (I’m a member, as well). I just want to add a few things to this and have my peace.
First, to my friends who do so, please stop posting memes or so-called “articles” that are just pictures with some text that says “armed such-and-such saves such-and-such.” This bothers me for two reasons. First, if you are a Christian, make sure what you post is not bearing false witness. Seriously, please do your research. I would rather read an intelligent, well-thought out post (as I’ve seen some do) than deal with looking at the conservative propaganda I keep seeing (Propaganda is not inherently a negative term, but it is if it is bearing false witness.) Second, is it really going to change the mind of someone who is pro-gun control? No. No Facebook meme or argument will change someone’s mind on an issue such as this or abortion.
Second, in regards to my personal thoughts on armed guards/veterans at schools, I’m COMPLETELY in favor of it. I think there needs to be background checks, etc., obviously, but it needs to happen. We guard our money with armed guards, why not our children? Being against armed guards at school is just ludicrous. Should teachers carry? Only, and I mean ONLY, if they are trained, have their gun stored away in a safe, discreet location unknown to students, and own a carry permit. Oh, and ONLY IF THEY WANT TO. If they don’t want to, so be it! No need to force them to; however, this is why I recommend armed guards. 
Third, there is no issue, in my opinion as a Christian, with civilians owning AR-15s, AR-12s (tactical shotgun I bought that drew criticism, which I’ll address later), handguns, and rifles (sniper included). Guns are used for hunting, home defense, self defense (yes, home and self are two TOTALLY different things), competitions, and just as a plain ol’ hobby. My wife endorses guns as my hobby and as a means of defense. Not to mention, I would love to do competition matches (I have a 1911 I’m building for that!).
Fourth, and this is where the dimes will be dropped: do not EVER question my judgment as a parent in regards to what firearms I keep in my home (a number which is no one’s business, but my family’s). Not only is it not your concern, but truth be told, I am extremely careful and I have been trained by two military veterans on firearm safety, among other things. I take my family’s safety above mine and have taken proper precautions to ensure my safety and theirs. 
Fifth, and finally, more gun control isn’t needed. Proper training and realization that the world is becoming a more messed up place is what is needed. Parents need to do their job to raise kids who will become productive members of society, not school shooters. Stop medicating your kids for whatever supposed “mental illness” they have. I’m not saying mental illness is fake or anything, but pills seem to be everyone’s first thought. Well, I’m here to tell you that medication isn’t always the answer. For thousands of years, there was no medication for mental illness; if anything, I feel as though people back then saw it as a heart problem, which really is what is happening in our society today. Our next generation is eating flipping Tide pods, snorting bath salts, and becoming narcissistic, technology-craving robots whose sole desire is to post selfies on Snap Chat and get into ridiculous shenanigans like walking out of class because they think guns are bad and who have no real regard for consequences since it would appear that so many kids today don’t get punished for their actions due to absentee parents or parents who are wanting to be their kids’ friend, not their parent.
The solution for what is going on in America is this: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind, and all your soul and love your neighbor as yourself. Our entire faith rests on these two Commandments and the fate of this country, I believe, does as well.

The Monster Inside of Us

Bit of a tense title, don’t you think? I think it’s rather suitable, though, considering the fact that it’s TRUE! We all have a monster inside of us. I actually discussed this last Sunday morning with the students in our new “Seven Daily Sins” series, where we discuss the seven deadly sins and how we commit them each and every day.  Continue reading “The Monster Inside of Us”

Vices and Burnout

For those who are my friends on Facebook, you probably saw my articles I shared earlier on someone who was both burnout as well as questioning their call and a guy who actually RESIGNED from his youth pastor position to seek help with alcohol addiction. These are two really hard topics that people don’t want to talk about and a lot of pastors don’t want to admit happen.

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