The Truth About Ministry

Hello everyone,

It’s been….gosh, five months since I last wrote. It has been nothing short of an absolute whirlwind! More on that in a few minutes…

God has really been working on my heart, especially lately, and so much has come to the surface for me in regards to who I am. It has been painful, it has been ugly, and it has been gratifying. Sort of like ministry. Yes, that’s right, I said it: Ministry is painful, it is tough, and yet it is gratifying. Allow me to explain: 

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Lessons From Our First Year of Marriage

I don’t know about any of ya’ll, but I’m getting slightly tired of all of the political banter that’s been passing through Facebook, despite my support and vote for President Trump. I actually began to write a post originally about politics and Christianity, but I felt it would do nothing, but incite arguments and fighting, which is just childish. Continue reading “Lessons From Our First Year of Marriage”

God Forsaken or Forsaken God?

Over the years, I have heard the phrase “God forsaken” more times than I can count, especially in movies and pop culture. Whether it was in Pirates of the Caribbean when one of Captain Barbosa’s crew says that they left Captain Jack Sparrow on a “God forsaken island” or in Bruce Almighty when the title character says that “God has forsaken him.” To this day, I have never heard the latter used in any context other than my or my wife’s own.  Continue reading “God Forsaken or Forsaken God?”

New Year, New…You?

Year after year, ever since I could remember, most people I knew always made New Year’s resolutions. Some examples would include clean eating, losing weight, working out, reading the Bible more, praying more, etc. However, what I have also noticed is that a lot of these things just end up becoming trends. Yes, Christianity (in the sense of organized religion, not a personal, intimate, faith-based relationship with Yahweh/Jesus Christ/the Lord/God, whatever your favorite name for Him is) has become a trend, along with  a lot of other things.  Continue reading “New Year, New…You?”