Hello everyone,

It’s not been too terribly long since my last post, but suffice to say, we’re entering into a season of a lot of changes and I’ll be honest: I’m going out of my mind with fear, excitement, and anxiety! 

I have never been a big fan of change. It’s why I never voted for President Obama in 2008 and 2012! But all kidding aside, change is such a difficult thing to deal with. And I think that the amount of change in my wife and I’s life together is going to turn our world upside down, both professionally and personally. I’m scared, she’s scared, we’re both scared! However, I have this comfort: Change isn’t always bad. Having to go through the daily mundane routine gets old after awhile. You begin to hate your job, your life, and your ambitions since you feel like either a) you’re never going to reach them or b) you’re tired of the same ole routine.

A lot of things can signal a season of change: stunning revelations (this is a big one for me right now), an unexpected surprise, and re-evaluating and changing your life’s goals to what you feel God is leading you into. God is the one who is the captain of your ship (You) and He’ll guide you wherever He wants you to be (Psalm 32:8). Here’s a few thoughts on change:

1. Change can happen quickly.

This is more or less the scenario in which we are in. My wife and I just found out we’re having our first child! It’s super exciting to know that we’ll be starting our little family much sooner than we expected, but wow, we did not expect it this quickly! Losing your job or being promoted at your job can also signal change that happens quickly. In ministry, change is either your worst nightmare or your greatest ally. I’ve experienced both and let me just say, I would rather cast lots (throw dice for those who don’t know that term) as to how certain decisions should be handled and made (Please know that prayer is how things ought to be handled and done and that this is what separates Christianity from just straight religion).

2. Change can hurt or help you…most likely, it will be both!

I have learned that certain changes will instantly hurt and be that way for a long, long time. I learned that in high school when my high school sweetheart and I broke up my sophomore year and I spent at least a year boo-hooing over it (thought I did have relationships during this time). In the long run, it was for the much better as I am now married to a gorgeous woman who loves and accepts me for who I am (Tourette’s and all!) and with whom I’m having my first child. When I enrolled in seminary for my Master’s, I figured it would be a great change and benefit…it ended up being a disaster and a nightmare. However, I would possibly revisit returning to that! Anyways, change will hurt because people don’t like things to be different than what they’re used to. However, God brings change to sanctify us, draw us closer to Him, and perhaps even to reach others.

3. Change will change you.

Try saying that ten times fast! Change will change who you are as a person, either for the better or the worse. God intends it for good (Genesis 50:20), but change can corrupt you for the worse, depending on how you handle whatever it is and the actual matter of what it is. God loves you, God works all things for good for believers, and God wants you to be sanctified. Sometimes, this may mean changes that are painful and are growing pains in your walk, but know this: you are not alone (Psalm 23).


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