Hello again everyone.

I do apologize that it has been two weeks since my last post. A LOT has happened in the life of our church and I’ve been thrust into an exciting position of being able to preach this past Sunday morning as well as this upcoming one.

I find that being given the opportunity to preach says a lot about who you are and what is expected of you. Last week was the third time I preached and this Sunday marks the fourth. My first two times were a couple days after Christmas and Christmas day, respectively. What I have learned is that being invited to take the pulpit is one of the greatest privileges one may receive in their life. I say “privilege” because that is precisely what it is. There are three things that ring true about why it is a privilege to be in the pulpit on a Sunday morning, not a right.

1. You handle the Word of God with poise and integrity.

When you pastor or an elder comes to you and asks you to preach on a Sunday morning to the congregation, it speaks volumes about how you handle God’s Word. You are not a heretic like “pastors” such as Rob Bell. You handle God’s Word with love and respect and refuse to compromise the Truth of the Gospel in order to avoid “hurt feelings.” Jesus didn’t mind being blunt, but everything He did, He did in love.

2. You are mature, not a new believer.

If you’re in the pulpit on a Sunday morning, it is no accident. You are there because God has allowed you to be. Leadership has seen maturity and wisdom in you that they believe God will use to glorify Him and edify the congregation. Furthermore, you’re not a recent convert. If you were, being someone who is not only in the pulpit, but also a pastor or elder, you would become conceited and the devil would gain an edge on you (1 Timothy 3:6). That’s not something that anyone wants to happen!

3. God wants to use your experiences to further the Kingdom.

This is probably one of the most important things I could say on this topic. God does not waste affliction and trials in your life. He will allow things to happen because it will edify you and glorify Him (Romans 8:28). Our experiences change who we are, but grow us as well. That’s why it’s such a beautiful thing that so many are in the pulpit on a Sunday morning; no two pastors are exactly alike and their experiences differ from one another in that one may be able to reach someone that the other couldn’t.



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