I said some time ago that I would be posting some pictures and tips to creating your youth room/area. It was definitely not the prettiest when I first got there as you can see by the pictures below:

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Notice the ceiling tiles? And those couches? AND THE WALLS?! Oh my!

So, here’s how Pastor Lucas (Lead Pastor) and myself managed to give this place a serious overhaul on a budget:

1. Paint

I know what you’re thinking: “Duh!” Of course the paint needs to be done away with.” Well, we needed to find something to brighten up the room. With the help of Pastor’s wife, we were able to find some more suitable, vibrant colors that “pop.” This room is roughly several hundred square feet and it didn’t cost much for paint, which we got from Sherwin Williams.

2. Replace the ceiling tiles (whether damaged, broken, or written on)

The ceiling tiles had been written on years earlier by former students, nearly all of whom weren’t even at Crossview anymore. In addition, some ceiling tiles were broken or had water damage to them. We went to Home Depot and bought packages of ceiling tiles. With the help of my awesome brother-in-law, who works in construction and successfully cut the odd shaped ceiling tiles, the whole room looked much, much different.

3. Replace the furniture (or give it a new look!)

The pillows on these couches were completely worn down. To the trash they went! Now, the couches themselves had “good bones.” So, Pastor Lucas thought of a really good, yet efficient idea: couch covers! So, we got couch covers from Amazon and put them over the old couches. They look much, much better now! Oh, and those barstools and that green table? The barstools, canvas, and podium are MIA as of now, but my lovely mother gave the table a brand new paint job!

4. Clean the junk out

There was a lot of junk in there. It took a while to get everything out of this room as well as the side rooms and I’m still in the midst of purging everything in the side rooms. If you don’t see a use for it, toss it, donate it, burn it, or whatever you wish to do.

5. Replace/Clean the Flooring

Since we did this area on a budget, we couldn’t replace the carpet with something like hardwood, which is what I was hoping for. HOWEVER, I did learn about something that I have now become a serious believer in: Rug Doctor. Seriously, Google it. Right now. Go to your nearest Home Depot and rent one. Including all of the chemicals and insurance (better safe than sorry!), it was probably $50-60 to use it. I hauled the beast in the back of my Camry and let me just say, it is heavy (duty). It works extremely well and the entire room looked and smelled a lot better when I was finished. It took me about three or so hours to clean the entire room, plus the side rooms, and the stairwell. It is completely worth the time! If your church is able, ask them to purchase one. They retail for around $200-300, depending on the model and where you go.

6. Make it Inviting

This was something that I had to learn a little about. How do I make this room inviting for students? Well, for starters, bring more chairs in. It doesn’t hurt to have a TV either or video games. Remember, people want your student ministry to succeed, so don’t be afraid to ask for help or donations! Also, posters, if done tastefully, can add kind of a cool vibe to the room. Same with getting a rug, which we purchased from Home Depot (we really like Home Depot!). It was heavily discounted and it was the only one left of that kind! We call that a “God-thing.” Here’s a picture of the rug up close below:


So, what is the finished product? Check it out below!

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