Hello everyone,

I am definitely drifting from some of my prior posts as I am seeing more and more that here in Georgia, churches are not having Christmas day services, especially churches whose membership spans several hundred to more than a thousand members. My heart aches to hear this because churches should, unequivocally, have services on Christmas day.


Well, here’s the first point I want to make: it makes churches look bad! I cannot possibly fathom why a church would cancel their services on a Sunday just because it’s Christmas. What is the point of Christmas? Christ or being self-serving? I’m starting to see the latter become more prevalent in society now, but it appears that it may be coming to us in a church near you. Is it that big of a deal to have a service on a Sunday that Christmas falls on once every seven years? You can have off on Christmas the other six days of the week every other year it falls on a day apart from Sunday.

My second point: it makes Christians look bad. Is it really so bad to be at church? I understand the whole theology of “The Church is not a building, it’s the people God has saved,” but  would spending, at most, a couple hours of your day worshipping and praising God for the birth of YOUR Savior harm you? Isn’t that the point of Christmas? Correct me if I’m wrong! Not to mention what non-believers may think about this and what kind of testimony this is to them. I think they would see us for what some of us are: self-righteous, self-serving, hypocritical jerks. The mindset of believing that church is an “inconvenience” on a holiday is absurd.

My third point: it’s just another day (in the scheme of things). Christmas has not always existed and didn’t become a focal point until the early hundreds A.D. Prior to that, people went on about their day on December 25th. Do I think Christmas is important? In the United States of America, yes. In other countries, it’s likely not. It’s become important here because there are some who remember Christ’s birth and wish to celebrate it and others who simply like to give and receive gifts.

My fourth point: we ought to be loving on and spending time with our family apart from Christmas. If you’re skipping church on Christmas Sunday so that you can be with your family, then it may reveal something: you don’t spend as much time with your family as you want. I don’t have kids (yet), but I could only imagine how upset they would be if I skipped out on time with them because of the ministry and devoted my life to it. They would become resentful and hate church and the ministry. Our families ought to come first and we ought to treat our families with love and priority. Can you separate your work from your home life? Instead of burying yourself in work, spend time with your family. Your work will always be there; the opportunity to make memories with your families won’t.

So, this Christmas, remember what Christ has done for you. Realize that dedicating a tiny part of your Christmas day to hearing whatever your pastor has received that’s been laid on his heart could be just the message you need to hear to invite a change to your heart that God has called you to or maybe it’s a message that will save your life.


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